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DISH Playmaker Bundle with Wally

$368.00 (You save $20.00)
Free Shipping

    Introducing the New DISH Playmaker Satellite Antenna! Save $20 When You Bundle.

    New with OS 2.1, supporting eastern and western arc satellites for nation-wide coverage. Engineered with high-grade materials for optimal performance and maximum durability, this new satellite antenna is perfect for both portable and mobile use. But, that's not all. Inside this robust design are high-performance motors that convey premium speed and yields vast precision. You can now experience 20% more signal strength for a fraction of the original price!
    More great news - the NEW DISH Playmaker is compatible with Pay-As-You Go Programming, no contract or activation fees required! Already have DISH as your home provider? For only $7/month you can add an additional mobile receiver for your RV. Learn more about Pay-As-You Go Programming, here!

    Please note: While all non-local programming are accessible with a DISH Playmaker, only locals that broadcast satellites 110°, 119°, 129°  or 61.5 will be available.



    Effortless Setup 

    • Automatically finds DISH satellite orbital locations
    • Self-installs faster than other automatic antennas
    • Points to either 110°, 119° or 129° (Western Arc) or 110°, 119° or 61.5 

    Robust Design

    • Re-engineered with military-grade aluminum alloy for maximum durability, resulting in increased signal strength performance of 20%
    • Reliable, high-performance stepper motors that provide speed and precision
    • Lightweight, low-profile antenna made from robust materials for optimal performance 
    • Dimensions: Diameter- 16", Height- 13"
    • Weight: 7 lbs.



    The DISH Wally® HD Satellite Receiver Is The Smallest And Fastest Mobile Receiver Ever Made, With A Suite Of New Features For An Enhanced User Experience.

    The Wally offers full functionality with a smaller footprint and expanded capabilities including the use of built in apps like Netflix (requires Wi-Fi Adapter and wireless connection), as well as other great features. This new smaller design allows for fitting into tight spaces. Included is an RF remote that allows you to freely operate the receiver up to 200 feet away, even through walls and obstructions. Never lose your remote again with the new Remote Finder feature, a chime guides you to the remote's hidden location. Note: Remote may be remanufactured.


    Enhance Your Experience

    Wi-Fi USB Adapter: Connect to a wireless network to enjoy streaming videos and other web apps including Netflix and Game Finder.

    Bluetooth USB Adapter: Enjoy your favorite TV shows with wireless KICKER Headphones by connecting wirelessly using the adapter. 

    Over-the-air Tuner: Pull local over-the-air channels into your program guide through this adapter. 

    DVR Upgrade: Record your favorite shows and movies to watch anytime you want. 


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    1. DISH Outdoors  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 14th 2019

      Got it all set up at my cabin on Sep 11 2019.
      I could not find any good options for mounting on the roof so I made my own backet that helped getting it leveled.

    2. Works perfect  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 11th 2019

      Worked great at campground where no OTA TV signal was available. Just need clear view to southern sky.

    3. Very easy to setup and activate  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 15th 2019

      Within 20 mins of it arriving had it up and working. Called dish and wasnt on the phone no more than 7 minutes was activated and viewing channels.

    4. Tailgate TV made easy  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 5th 2019

      I just purchased the Playmaker and Wally. Super easy to set up, affordable to add to my existing account, and great signal. No more dropped signal when the cellular systems are overloaded at the ball game. Highly recommended

    5. Playmaker  star rating

      Posted by on May 2nd 2019

      Everything and as expected. Works great. Very pleased.

    6. Playmaker beginner antenna  star rating

      Posted by on Apr 27th 2019

      We were very excited to finally have a satellite
      system for our RV. After a couple of hours of
      Technical support we were finally able to acquire a signal.
      I won’t bore you with all the gyrations that entailed, some of which
      was due to the first time hooking up through RV cable to Wally receiver. Eventually we acquired a signal. Found that the signal
      was lost when we had rain or light snow. Overall this is a nice system.
      The negative for us is that when I went to buy the Wally bundle
      plus the added DVR harddrive, the salesman said it will work
      just like our home Dish system. The Wally/Playmaker did record
      okay, but we discovered that you can’t record 1 program and watch
      another at the same time. This is due to this system only having one
      tuner. Bottom line is that we purchased something that doesn’t fit
      our needs. If it was available and the salesman would have recommended it, we would have purchased a 2 tuner system.
      Don’t know yet if Dish will accept the return of Playmaker/Wally
      and credit towards a 2 tuner system.

    7. Super easy  star rating

      Posted by on Dec 25th 2018

      It was very easy to install and easy set up

    8. Awesome device and easy set-up!  star rating

      Posted by on Dec 3rd 2018

      Worked just as advertised. Plain and simple set-up and before you know it you are surfing the guide. This is the way to go for on the road in your RV and don’t want to miss Monday Night Football!!

    9. I have been waiting for this portable unit for a long time!  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 1st 2018

      At my camp in West Virginia, we have only been able to receive two channels on digital tv for many years. This unit works perfectly down there in the mountains. Our camp faces south so it was very easy just to set it on the front porch, hook it up and it instantly had satellite TV. What a great item to have if you’re travel.

    10. Love It  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 11th 2018

      Easy set up doesn't loose signal even in monsoon storms. Live in SE Arizona work in SW New Mexico and don't have to change state setting which is good. comes right on when tv is turned on only has to reboot if power go's off or dish is unhooked. Also there is no front or back to this playmaker unit according to manufacturer dish inside the cover is able to rotate 360 degrees if anything I always face the handle north. Can't believe I didn't purchase this sooner.

    11. Toss your old antenna out  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 9th 2018

      Just the savings in set up time is worth the upgrade. I found the Playmaker easy to install and setup. Decided to mount mine on my Fifth wheel. Now I just park and start watching. Highly recommend.

    12. Needs improvements  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 10th 2018

      We like having TV when we are staying in our but I don't like the fact that we have to go through a boot up and guide down load everytime we turn it on. You would think if a battery can be installed in phones and tables that the Dish receiver could have one to eliminate this problem. I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.

    13. If I can do it......you can too! Easy hook up.  star rating

      Posted by on Apr 16th 2018

      The Dish Playmaker, and Wally Bundle are the perfect combo. For what we wanted in our RV. Easy to set up, easy to use. Along with an App. Called Sat finder, found on the Play Store, its easy to point your dish in the right direction for the best signal. We really love ours and would recommend this product to any one wanting to tailgate or have Dish in there RV.

    14. great product  star rating

      Posted by on Feb 19th 2018

      great service and easy to install

    15. Playmaker and Wally  star rating

      Posted by on Feb 12th 2018

      We used this set up for the first time last weeeknd in our Ice Castle and it was great! Everything went smooth in the hook up and set up! Was great being able to watch tv out in the middle of a frozen lake. So far so good!

    16. New dish RV user  star rating

      Posted by on Feb 7th 2018

      Good product but they do leave out some info needed to get it working correctly. Like the handle on the playmaker needs to face North so the dish faces south. Cable connections can be touchy too.

    17. Fast and Easy!  star rating

      Posted by on Jan 23rd 2018

      Too easy to set up and run. Longest step is calling for receiver first time activation. That was seamless as well, just took longer waiting for it to sincrinize. Got the use as you go option, easy!

    18. Best Portable Satellite System  star rating

      Posted by on Dec 10th 2017

      The playmaker is light weight and easy to set up. Couldn't be happier with this system for my RV!

    19. Takes a long time to get phone support  star rating

      Posted by on Dec 10th 2017

      After installing my Playmaker I had to wait 45 minutes on the phon for the Dish helpdesk to answer to walk me thru the steps to activate my acvount. Nevet waited mote than about 10 minutes to activate my Direct TV system. They only have 8 people on duty at their helpdesk on the weekends. Very poor customer service.

    20. Affordable Easy HD TV  star rating

      Posted by on Oct 16th 2017

      The system cost about a quarter of the DirecTv price. I have DirecTv at home but would pay almost $2,000.00 to get HD TV. The delivery was early. The setup and activation were easy. Be sure to get unobstructed views to the south. Telephone assistance was terrific. Use of the system on my first trip with the boys went off without a hitch. Be sure to hookup antenna directly to receiver.

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    Warranty fulfillment is covered by Winegard. Contact them at help@winegard.com or by calling 1-800-788-4417.
    · 2 years parts, 1 year labor
    · Complimentary telephone and email support
    · Online technical manuals and instructions

    Do not return antenna to DISHFORMYRV.

    DISH Network receivers carry a 1 year (365 day) warranty beginning from the date of initial activation. Warranty only covers manufacture defects. Defects arising from misuse by customer will not be covered under warranty. Prior to requesting warranty replacement, you must contact DISH Network to ensure that the receiver is removed from your account and you are no longer being charged for it. Warranty is handled by DISHFORMYRV.

    DISH Network receiver under warranty will be exchanged with a remanufactured receiver of the same model. Replacement will be sent only when the defective product has been received and tested.

    Advanced Exchanges are available upon request. In this process a new receiver is ordered and charged to thou through DISHFORMYRV.COM. A refund will be processed back to you after the defective receiver has been tested.

    Warranty fulfillment requests must be requested through DISHFORMYRV. Once a return has been requested, we will process your request and email you the return authorization number and return instructions. Customer must obtain a return authorization number. No returns will be accepted without a return authorization.

    All products must be returned in the original packaging with all parts and documentation.

    A return authorization number must be written on the outside of the shipping carton. DO NOT write the return authorization number on the product itself.

    Products must be shipped back via a traceable, weighted ship method of your choosing. DISHFORMYRV will not be responsible for product that is lost via shipping or damaged in transit.

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