• Winegard TR-1518 Tripod Accessory
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Winegard TR-1518 Tripod Accessory

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    Increase Performance And Security With A Winegard Satellite Antenna Tripod!



    • Better Reception – Raises your DISH Playmaker, Pathway, and Carryout antennas above ground level to reduce the number of possible signal obstructions.
    • Compatibility – Compatible with DISH Playmaker and all Pathway and Carryout portable antennas.
    • Secure – Sturdy mount equipped with a locking bolt that secures your portable satellite antenna to the tripod to protect from theft.
    • Built to Last – Weather resistant and extremely sturdy, the tripod assembles easily and disassembles flat for compact storage.
    • Easy assembly
    • Secure unit with anchor loop
    • Quickly disassembles for compact storage
    • Works with Winegard Satellite Antennas
    • Adjustable height & leveling settings (14.5“ - 22”)


    In The Box

    • Tripod Base Plate
    • Tripod Legs (3)
    • Hinge Pins (3)
    • Rubber Feet (3)
    • Anchor Screw
    • 6" Bungee Cord
    • TR-1518 Manual


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    1. Didn’t think I needed a tripod?!  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 22nd 2020

      My first time I used it I had it on the ground which worked fine but was worried when the rain storm came?! But the next time out it was after a surprise snow storm came which left 4 inches on the ground! I ordered the tripod that same day. The tripod came with adjustable legs but at the lowest level of the legs kept it off the ground enough that the wind storm kept the antenna secure without movement at all. The only thing about the service to two TVs is that you CANNOT get all the full service of channels on both TVs at the same time but at least you get the channels from the same satellite

    2. Happy Camper  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 4th 2020

      Works well with my Winegard Dish Playmaker. I wish legs would fold up for compact storage rather than having to remove legs.

    3. Addendum to Earlier Review  star rating

      Posted by on May 20th 2020

      As mentioned in some earlier reviews, holes in tripod legs did not align properly with holes on tripod platform, so had to be drilled out to make them align so pin could be inserted through both. Poor workmanship or just "built on a Friday" syndrome?

    4. Stable, Easy To Assemble  star rating

      Posted by on May 20th 2020

      The instructions were not great. I figured it out however. But one item that perplexed me was a "mystery bolt". It came with the kit and is included in the instructions and was clearly intended to be a retention bolt that held the dome in place on the tripod top. However, there was no tapped hole for it. I called Winegard customer service as was told that the "bolt" was for use on the earlier model of the TR-1518 and should not have been included in my kit, as there was no function nor need for it. Needless confusion caused by Winegard on this issue, which should be corrected

    5. Works great  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 11th 2019

      Sets up easy and is stable. Only thing I don't care for is adjustment on legs. Has to be adjusted one click at a time. If legs were round and you could turn them a 1/4 turn ans then turn them back to lock in place, it would be great.

    6. Works great.  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 22nd 2019

      Easy to assemble, east to disassemble. Locks dish to the stand. Multiple height adjustments gives you more flexibility when searching for signals. Stable/lightweight

    7. Great product  star rating

      Posted by on Jun 17th 2019

      Stand us easy to setup and when antenna is attached enhances it's view if the sky. Highly recommend. It also disassembled for easy storage and takes up little space, great for RVers.

    8. Ease of use  star rating

      Posted by on Jun 4th 2019

      Easy to setup and and use. It is light weight and holds the antenna secured.

    9. Winegard TR-1518 Tripod Accessory  star rating

      Posted by on Apr 29th 2019

      The product was easy to assemble and does exactly what it is supposed to do.

    10. Not easy assembly  star rating

      Posted by on Mar 12th 2019

      Poor quality control means that my tripod took half an hour and a drilling session to assemble. I doubt that I will be dissassembling it routinely either.
      The leg pins Which must be passed through two holes on the top and two holes in the leg did not line up. Two of the legs of my sample needed drilling out to fit.
      The leg adjusting pop in clips need extreme pressure and a rod to push them down the tube.

    11. Easy to use  star rating

      Posted by on Nov 8th 2018

      This lightweight portable tripod is easy to set up and easy to move.

    12. Better tie down strap  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 24th 2018

      Well built stand. Does not take up much space when disassembled for storage. The tie down (bungee cord) needs to be better built. On the first pull it pulled through the hook.

    13. Functional  star rating

      Posted by on Jun 15th 2018

      It’s easy to assemble, basic and breaks down to a compact size. When the ground is too hard to use the screw-in anchor I used wal-mart tent stakes or set in the bed of my truck. It does what it is designed to do. I had no issues.

    14. Bulky  star rating

      Posted by on May 31st 2018

      It was very simple to assemble. The bungie anchor is neat. But, tje rripod is bulky. The legs are extendable, but they kinda over did the snap psotions. They make it combusrsome to adjust. In addition, the legs, once assembled, do not fold, so to save space, you have to unassmble, then reassmble if you want to use minimum storage area. The laxk of being abke to fold the legs, I give a 3 star. If the legs would fold, it would be a 5 star.

    15. tie downs needed  star rating

      Posted by on Oct 22nd 2017

      needs leg tie downs to hold in windy conditions

    16. Tripod  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 27th 2017

      It was very easy to assemble and very stable with the antenna. Works as it is designed to do.

    17. Easy to use  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 7th 2017

      It is pretty straight forward assembly and use.

    18. Very Stable  star rating

      Posted by on Apr 20th 2017

      I have only had the tripod for a couple of weeks but it seems very stable. We had very high winds the other day that tipped over my deck table and chairs, but the Winegard Pathways X2 antenna did not move.

      It doesn't fold down very tight but is way better than putting the antenna on the ground or dragging picnic tables around to set it on.

    2 years parts, 1 year labor

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