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DISH Wally HD Receiver

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    The DISH Wally® HD Satellite Receiver is the smallest and fastest mobile receiver ever made, with a suite of new features for an enhanced user experience.

    The Wally offers full functionality with a smaller footprint and expanded capabilities including the use of built in apps like Netflix (requires Wi-Fi Adapter and wireless connection), as well as other great features. This new smaller design allows for fitting into tight spaces. Included is an RF remote that allows you to freely operate the receiver up to 200 feet away, even through walls and obstructions. Never lose your remote again with the new Remote Finder feature, a chime guides you to the remote's hidden location. 

    Coupled with DISH Pay As You Go, this is a mobile customer's ultimate package for satellite TV on the open road. DISH's Pay As You Go program is simple & effective: No Activation Fees. No Disconnect Fees. No Restart Fees. Current DISH subscribers can add outdoor TV for just $5/month per receiver.

    If you haven't purchased a mobile antenna and would like to bundle with a receiver, check out our Bundled Antenna options. OR check out a list of current compatible antennas.



    • Smaller and faster
    • Easy-to-use interface similar to the DISH Hopper
    • RF Remote that works through walls and obstructions with a 200 ft. range
    • An entire suite of accessories available
    • Easy integration with all types of RVs with a simple coax RF modulator



    • 1.6"H x 10.41"W x 8.11"D
    • RF remote control included
    • HDMI (HD) video output
    • Over-the-air input: requires USB OTA Tuner, sold separately


    In The Box

    • DISH Wally HD Satellite Receiver
    • Remote with 2 AA Batteries 
    • 8 ft HDMI Cable
    • Detachable Power Cable 


    Enhance Your Experience

    Wi-Fi USB Adapter: Connect to a wireless network to to enjoy streaming videos and other web apps including Netflix and Game Finder.

    Bluetooth USB Adapter: Enjoy your favorite TV shows with wireless KICKER Headphones by connecting wirelessly using the adapter. 

    Over-the-air Tuner: Pull local over-the-air channels into your program guide through this adapter. 

    DVR Upgrade: Record your favorite shows and movies to watch anytime you want. 


    NOTE: If you only have COAX going into your TV, you can purchase an RF Modulator

    NOTE: When ordered with DVR Upgrade Expansion, a one time activation fee may apply to use DVR functionality.



    Protects against accidentals such as spills or drops for 2 or 3 years from time of purchase. (Depending on your extended warranty selections)

    View full terms.


    warning.pngWARNING This product and installation materials can expose you to chemicals including Bisphenol A and Antimony trioxide, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. 

    Wally may be remanufactured.

    Introducing the Wally, DISH's Newest Mobile Satellite Receiver (01:43)
    Learn More: https://www.dishformyrv.com/dish-wally-hd-receiver/
    • Introducing the Wally, DISH's Newest Mobile Satellite Receiver
      Learn More: https://www.dishformyrv.com/dish-wally-hd-receiver/

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    1. Wally Receiver is very frustrating when used in an RV  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 18th 2021

      Wally Receiver is very frustrating for RV use. I've provided detailed issues four years ago, nothing has changed. Please submit to the designers.
      1. If power is shut off, satellite position data is lost from Wally and it has to spend 10 minutes searching again. We have to shut power off when dry camping to conserve power. Need to be able to save satellite coordinates in none volatile memory to try first before initiating scanning for satellites.
      2. When Wally can not find satellites, it will not allow us to watch previously recorded programs off the external drive.
      3. When powering Wally on, there is no menu choice to use DVR mode or other functions, Wally insists on scanning for satellites.
      These issues make using Wally a real pain.

    2. Wally  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 8th 2021

      Works perfectly and no issues with the setups

    3. Wally Receiver  star rating

      Posted by on Apr 13th 2021

      This receiver is a great upgrade from the VP211Z. Has a lot more functionality and easier to use. Really happy with this receiver. The activation process took a little time but went smoothly.

    4. Smaller & Lighter as Claimed  star rating

      Posted by on Apr 5th 2021

      To save space and have the benefit of an RF rather than optical remote, I recently replaced my older Dish VIP211K with a Wally.

      My immediate first reactions were that it was, as claimed, much smaller and lighter. It uses a completely different user interface, has no "component" video outputs as did my VIP211K receiver and required that I reformat the DVR hard drive that I had been using previously, which of course erased all of the movies that I had recorded with my VIP211K.

      Since my motorhome TV was wired ONLY for a component TV connection, I had to use an HDMI to component TV adapter to display 1080P video. Perhaps, sometime in the future, I'll run an HDMI cable between the TV and the motorhome's receiver compartment, which would be no small undertaking.

      My first and only test of this receiver was with my Winegard PL7000R Dish Playmaker portable antenna because my Winegard SK-1000 TRAV'LER Automatic Multi-Satellite TV rooftop antenna was blocked. They worked well together. Activating Wally went without a hitch.

      When I get past my learning curve with the Wally's entirely different user interface, compared with my other Dish receivers, I'm confident that I'll be more comfortable with it. It does take up a lot less space in my coach and I no longer need to leave the receiver compartment's door open to use the remote, which is a real plus.

    5. Worked Great even in snow  star rating

      Posted by on Feb 15th 2021

      Used my Dish Playmaker Satellite and Wally receiver to watch the Superbowl at a remote location. It work great even while it was snowing!!

      Initial activation did take longer than expected. I was on the phone for over 30 minutes to get the system going. Setup was a breeze.

    6. Great value  star rating

      Posted by on Jan 12th 2021

      The system is easy to setup and operates just like my home system. The activation process was simple and the personnel were professional and polite. Overall a great value.

    7. Best purchase of 2021  star rating

      Posted by on Jan 4th 2021

      So glad we got this as an addition to our RV. Used this past weekend and was super easy to set up and get going!

    8. Great customer service.  star rating

      Posted by on Dec 18th 2020

      Easy to activate with great customer service.

    9. Perfect package  star rating

      Posted by on Nov 9th 2020

      This package is replacing our original Tailgater and VIP211k. I couldn't be happier! The Wally is much smaller and a bit faster than the 211, and the transparent dome of the King dish is very handy so I can see where the dish is pointing and if the red light on the circuit board is lit, I know I have it hooked up correctly.
      We have had good success in using our previous setup all over the US, including the east coast.
      Set up is always easy, and with a phone app that shows me where the satellites are for a clear view, it's even easier.
      So far the new dish and Wally seem to actually find and setup a bit faster. Perfect!!!!

    10. Wally Receiver  star rating

      Posted by on Oct 29th 2020

      Works as advertised.

    11. So simple  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 27th 2020

      Set it down ......Hooked it up.
      A minute later I was watching tv.

    12. Worth its weight in gold  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 16th 2020

      We went to a campground they didn't have cable and our antenna didn't pick-up anything. We looked around and saw Dish satellite antennas near everyone's rigs. That's when we decided to get a Dish satellite system for our camper since we already had it in our home.Now we'll never be without TV again.

    13. Very quick and simple hook up.  star rating

      Posted by on Oct 8th 2019

      Could not believe the picture quality. Wish I would have purchased earlier this year.

    14. Worked Great  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 30th 2019

      New customer for Dish and Pay-As-You-Go for our RV. The Wally takes very little space and setup/activation went well . There is a learning curve but everything worked without issue. We look forward to using Dish in our future RV outings.

    15. Small size  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 24th 2019

      It is small and easy to use

    16. Wally Review  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 26th 2019

      Nice product but does not get higher score due to 2 things:
      1. Way too long to setup & configure. After finding satellites and downloading the latest software and rebooting numerous times, it has to find satellites again in order to download guide. A big waste of time. This should be configured to handle download at same time as software so it is ready to go after rebooting.

      2. Adding external drive to use as DVR forces you to format drive and loose all recorded data on the drive. Again, it should be configured to recognize the drive specially if already being used on a previous receiver.for Dish.

    17. Light and Compact  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 19th 2019

      Call first to activate, it will save a lot of set-up time.

      Much more convenient than my old, steel 211 receiver. I added a Bluetooth option which also works well. It would be a little more flexible if it had a digital-audio output.

    18. Light and Compact  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 19th 2019

      Does everything my old steel-boxed 211 does and is much lighter and compact. I also added the Bluetooth option.
      Call first to activate or you are in for a much longer set-up effort. It would be a little more flexible if it also had a digital audio-out.

    19. Excellent we love it  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 16th 2019

      We love it bought this w king pro tailgator package its Awesome

    20. OK but connect enough of the addons!  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 9th 2019

      Love the size and the RFI remote. Would get at least 4 stars if there were enough ports to add internet, bluetooth, a hard drive, plus local channels!

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