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Turkey Day Prep In The RV

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Cooking a full Thanksgiving Dinner in the RV can sound like a pretty scary task. But we're here to tell you its not that scary. And it will probably be one of the most memorable Thanksgivings you'll have! 

Making sure you're organized is key. Sit down and think about what items you will be making. Keeping it simple will help make the whole day much smoother. Stick with a few family favorites versus the 30 dish spread you typically have at grandmas. 

Lets start with the bird. That's the most important part of any Thanksgiving meal. Consider what tools you have available for cooking the bird. Instead of hauling a clunky roaster consider a crock pot. Easy to use and easy to clean. Click Here for a great recipe for a turkey in the crock pot!

Use your pot on the stove for the mashed potatoes and stuffing. They don't require a whole lot of prep work. And as far as other dishes are concerned, use the microwave! Sure, it's not the same as an oven but the food will still taste delicious! And don't forget to hit up your local supermarket for other items that will save you from doing more dishes and they will save you time. 

Having guests over? Store a couple TV trays in the RV and you've got instant extra table space! Or if you're at a park that has a meeting place, see if you can rent out a room. No matter where you are, as long as you have good company and good food, you've got a lot to be thankful for! 

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