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weBoost Drive 4G-X RV Cellular Signal Booster Kit

SKU: 470410
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    The Drive 4G-X RV is most powerful RV cell phone signal booster certified in the US and Canada from weBoost.

    The Drive 4G-X RV boosts voice and data with max FCC-allowed 50 dB system gain, enhancing 4G LTE, as well as 3G network signals, up to 32x. RVers get fewer lost connections and dead zones, better call quality as well as faster data uploads and downloads whether parked or inmotion in their RV.  Works in all classes of RV; Class A, Class C and all towables.


    • Boosts signal for all U.S. & Canada cell carriers
    • Friendly, U.S.-based customer support
    • All components needed for installation in one package
    • FCC & Industry Canada Certified


    • Extends cellular signal range
    • Reliable cell signal and more consistent data speeds
    • Faster data downloads
    • Up to 2 hours additional talk time in weak-signal areas
    • Works in all Class A, Class C and towables, including toy-haulers
    • Works when parked AND while in-motion
    • Works with all US and Canadian Cellular Providers
    • Works with ALL cellular devices including hotspots
    • Multiple people, on different cellular devices, on different carriers, all receive benefit at the same time!


    What's Included





    Works While In-Motion


    weBoost Drive 4G X RV Product Video (03:08)
    Learn More: https://www.dishformyrv.com/weboost-drive-4g-x-rv-cellular-signal-booster/
    • weBoost Drive 4G X RV Product Video
      Learn More: https://www.dishformyrv.com/weboost-drive-4g-x-rv-...
    • weBoost Drive 4G X Installation Video
      Learn More: https://www.dishformyrv.com/weboost-drive-4g-x-rv-...

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    1. Increased signal and upload speed, but download speed slower  star rating

      Posted by on Feb 5th 2018

      The Drive 4G-X RV was not totally appropriate for my small trailer. I had to order a second smaller inside antenna because of the limited distance I could get between the inside/outside antennas The booster increased the cell signal and the upload speed tested using OpenSignal app, but my download speed was slower than without using it?

    2. Works well on the road  star rating

      Posted by on Dec 14th 2017

      I'd give it 5 stars if they made the device (indoor) antenna mountable for the RV. When in motion the table top antenna isn't a great idea. They provide some nice pieces to tidy up the cables and mount the outdoor antenna. Hardware is well made. Allows me to work while the RV is rolling even on remote highways across Texas.

    3. I would buy again and have been telling others to get one  star rating

      Posted by on Nov 16th 2017

      the weboost is great too bad the piece of junk surecall is not

    4. Doubled my signal !  star rating

      Posted by on Nov 15th 2017

      Took my new booster to a desert location where I was RV camping down in a hole surrounded my several low hills. My original signal here was 2 bars on my phone. I bought a Harbor Freight telescopic flag pole and mounted the antenna on top of it. Lashed the aluminum flag pole to my stowed awning arm, up against the trailer side wall. Used bungee cords to hold it securely. Went in, fired up my antenna with generator power and voila' I immediately realized 4 signal bars on my phone it it was within 3 feet of the indoor antenna. Turned on my mobile hotspot and had flawless Youtube video streaming, and fast internet browsing. Couldn't ask for more than that. It was like being home on my optical fiber network. FWIW, my antenna had no line of sight view of any cell tower, as it was interrupted by the hills around me. Next will have to see what it does in a 1 bar situation. FWIW. Flag pole at HF w/ 20% off coupon was $48. Can install antenna from the ground using this system.

    5. Better cell coverage  star rating

      Posted by on Nov 14th 2017

      The sleek has greatly improved my cell phone service while traveling. My only complaint is that I have to remove my mophie case in order for the phone to stay in the holder. If the lips were a little longer then it would work perfectly. Cause I now have to carry a extra charge cord for keeping the phone charged while using the booster.

    6. Works as advertised, but configuration inflexible  star rating

      Posted by on Nov 14th 2017

      Would have liked to use it in a RV AND a vehicle. Uses proprietary antenna connector which apparently by design disallows this capability. This connection is available with other weBoost products. Attracted by price but would buy another product with more flexibility.

    7. I have no problem telling anyone to purchase this.  star rating

      Posted by on Nov 11th 2017

      I was very skeptical at first, I always thought these boosters were gimmicks. But I installed the booster within minutes and believe it or not the Weboost Slim cellular booster took my phone from 1x to 4G with 2 bars. I couldn't believe it. I had access to quick data in the middle of nowhere. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

    8. Amazing and true !!!  star rating

      Posted by on Oct 31st 2017

      I was a little skeptical when I bought the weBoost Drive Sleek, but boy has my opinion changed. Immediately I noticed a big change in my cell reception. I am in my vehicle during conference calls every day and many times have to re-dial because I hit a "dead zone". No more dead zones since installing this device. I also downloaded a cell signal app and did a comparison of with the Drive Sleek on and with the Drive Sleek off; averaged a 20 db improvement. That's absolutely amazing.

    9. WeBoost thought of everything!  star rating

      Posted by on Oct 17th 2017

      WeBoost thought of everything -- the Drive Sleek's simplicity and performance at this price point is incomparable to anything else on the market to date. It's intuitive and easy to use with dummy-proof packaging. The cradle now fits any phone, even those in bulky cases. And, we can use it in our off-road RV either while we're en route to our next adventure or have made camp somewhere off-grid for the night. It lets us stream movies in places where we otherwise couldn't, and for the backcountry-minded, it's great peace of mind to know that we can download maps, check weather and send out a text message if and when we need to. NOTE: Don't use your cell phone signal bars as a guide - use your own experience. If a signal is there, the Drive Sleek will definitely amplify it. That said, it won't be much of a benefit if you're so far from a tower that the cell signal cannot be reached at all, so if you're using it on the road or for off-grid camping like we are, bear that in mind.

    10. Excellent Product!  star rating

      Posted by on Oct 4th 2017

      I have to say that this is an excellent product. I personally debated about getting one for years & can say that once you try it, you will wonder how you lived without one before! I did a full review on my website if you would like to know more, simply click on the link https://www.parkrangerjohn.com/weboost-drive-sleek-4g-cell-phone-booster-kit-review-and-info/

    11. Awesome  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 26th 2017

      Not only does it work great, it's super easy to use and just as easy to install. I spend two to three days a week in the Uinta mountains and this booster makes it so much easier to pick up a strong signal.

    12. WeBoost Nailed It!  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 25th 2017

      WeBoost thought of everything - its' simplicity and performance at this price point is incomparable to anything else on the market right now. It's intuitive and easy to use, the cradle now fits any phone -- even in bulky cases, and we can use it in our off-road RV either while we're en route to our next adventure, or kicking back in nature. The new Drive Sleek lets us stream movies in places where we otherwise couldn't, and for the backcountry-minded, it's great peace of mind to know that we can download maps, check weather, and send out a text message when we need to. It's not a huge benefit when you're so far from a tower that the cell signal cannot be reached, but if one is there, this definitely helps to amplify it. We're quite happy with it; only wish there was a way to make it wireless. But for the money, the wires suit us just fine and it's simple enough to set up. :) Check out our complete review at twoifoverland.com.

    13. Weboost Drive 4G-X RV install on our Class C Motorhome  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 2nd 2017

      Just finished installing the new cell phone booster. Have not tested it on a trip yet but in my driveway without the booster on -106 DB with it on -79 DB and a gain of 2 bars. One caveat, I mounted the antenna on the RV ladder but had to add extra washers to the included u-bolt as the threads ended before the nuts could properly tighten the bracket. Also I added a rocker switch to the booster 12V. hard wired adapter circuit so I would not have to keep turning it off by unplugging the power port. I was able to fish the outdoor antenna cable through the refrigerator roof vent and pull it into a wire channel so no holes were drilled in the skin. looking forward to using it on our upcoming trip from Alaska to Georgia.

    14. Very impressive  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 31st 2017

      Installed the unit a Minnie Winnie 31K, and it works as advertised. Solid phone service on roads where we used to have dropouts, and we get much better 4G LTE service too. We have become the Verizon "phone booth" location at one of our favorite dry camping spots (an area that doesn't doesn't work for our ATT or T-mobile phones for other than emergency service, but we camp with others that couldn't get their Verizon service without the weBoost, it saves them the couple mile trip to where they used to have to travel to get phone and texting service)

    15. I was going to an area with known weak signals  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 24th 2017

      We are full time rvers and had a hosting job in Island Park, Idaho, where signal may be weak. Since installing weBoost Drive our signal increased by 2 bars or -10-dbm from -114 to -94 and at times -89 dbm ! Enough to give me good internet and phone signal. I definitely would recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a booster. David R Carr

    16. Needed a boost for our RV  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 24th 2017

      We purchased this for our RV because more times than not, we have a hard time getting signal. It definitely helps the computer some, but it doesn't help our phones at all. Not sure what the deal is there, but am happy that it at least helps the computer.

    17. Great unit  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 24th 2017

      It works great in our ,5th wheel.... One bar before and three bars now

    18. Working as expected.  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 24th 2017

      Got to use the booster for the first time this weekend. Went from a -102db before to a -92db with the booster. But I think may get better in a different location. Because we had a pretty good signal in the campground we were at before I turned on the booster. I'm hoping the next trip we will be in a more remote location and it will boost better. Thought I read somewhere that if the booster detects a stronger signal coming in it doesn't boost the signal as strong. I could be wrong. But so far it's doing the job. Oh also you do need to keep a minimum 6 foot distance between the two antennas. I did some experimenting and the further away the better gain I got on the signal.

    19. Works great in areas with little cell coverage  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 21st 2017

      Like most full-time RV'rs we need to have a strong cell signal to provide reliable internet service. We're currently parked in an area of N Idaho and have to drive 3-4 miles away to use our "hot spot". After installing the WEboost 4G-X RV we can now get consistent 4G signal through out our coach and most pages take only 4-5 seconds to load. Great product that includes every thing needed to do the install plus easy to understand step by step instructions

    20. Weboost 4G-X RV  star rating

      Posted by on Jul 19th 2017

      This product work as intended, we reached for 2 bars to 4 bars. In areas where we don't usually had signal now we have. I test in other places, and without the boost uninstalled had -107db to -87db with the boost installed. I recomend. Good inversion.

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    All weBoost boosters come with a 2-year warranty.

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