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KING Tripod Mount

SKU: TR1000
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    KING Tripod Mount For Tailgater Satellite TV Antennas

    The KING Tripod Mount allows you to elevate your KING Portable Satellite TV antenna – specifically your KING Portable Satellite Antennas – to deliver the best line of sight to the satellite while protecting your antenna from moisture on the ground. It provides an extra wide footprint to ensure stability, and is a convenient way to provide height without having to permanently mount your satellite TV antenna to the roof of your RV, camper or trailer.

    Take Your Satellite TV Antenna Tripod Anywhere

    The lightweight design of the KING tripod mount – only 4 pounds! – allows you to take it absolutely anywhere. It conveniently folds together for compact storage and includes a custom carry bag so you can display your KING style. Three included ground pegs ensure the tripod stays put wherever you set it up.


    Features and Technical Specifications

    • Elevates height of KING Tailgater
    • Protects antenna from ground moisture
    • Extra wide footprint to ensure stability
    • Lightweight design; only 4 pounds
    • Preassembled parts
    • Folds together for compact storage
    • Dimensions: 40″ h x 36″ w
    • One year warranty

    In The Box

    • Tripod
    • Carry Case
    • Ground Pegs

    For use with the following KING antenna models:

    • KING Tailgater® Antenna 
    • DISH® Tailgater® Antenna 
    • DISH® Tailgater® Pro Premium Antenna 


    Write your own product review

    1. Sturdy Tripod Mount  star rating

      Posted by on Nov 10th 2021

      This is a great product. Only downside is there is no way to secure the dish to the mount. I drilled holes in the front two support arms and then used zip ties to attach it. I was able to wrap a zip tie around the handle so I didn’t need to drill a hole there. Great Product.

    2. Superb  star rating

      Posted by on Oct 12th 2021

      excellent product
      Easy setup
      Came with bag for storage and travel

    3. Superb  star rating

      Posted by on Oct 12th 2021

      Quick and easy setup
      Came with bag for storage

    4. Awesome  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 26th 2021

      This tripod is excellent!! Very sturdy and built great!!! Very simple to set up and with the wide footprint it very stable!!

    5. Kings Tripod  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 21st 2021

      Did not want to mount my Dish Tailgater on the roof of my camper. Easy set up. Quality product. Could be a little less expensive though.

    6. It's a Stand  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 13th 2021

      Not much to say about this... it's a nice stand to get your antenna elevated a couple of feet off the ground relatively securely. The included spikes are nice to keep it from blowing away. The fact that it includes a bag is a nice plus, too.

      The only thing worth noting is that, technically, there's nothing to secure the antenna itself to the stand other than its own weight. While it's not a huge deal, per sé, someone could come along and knock it off the stand. It'd require a bit of force, but it's not completely full proof. I wish there was a locking mechanism included to grip the antenna. This is why I knocked a star off.

      Other than that, great item.

    7. Secure and stable  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 9th 2021

      This tripod provides a secure and stable platform for setting up your antenna. Easy to use with a heavy duty case provided and anchor pegs.

    8. Nice Tripod  star rating

      Posted by on Jun 23rd 2021

      Tripod is sturdy and holds the satellite dish well.

    9. Simple and Easy  star rating

      Posted by on Jun 26th 2019

      Great product. its light weight and easy to set up.

    10. King tripod mount  star rating

      Posted by on Feb 14th 2019

      The king tripod is very easy and quick to set up. I't is made from aluminum making it fairly robust, light and resistant to oxidation or rust. The dish, when mounted on the tripod platform, appears to be stable. My only negative comment is that I would like to see some form of robost latching mechnism to lock the dish to the tripod to prevent the dish falling off the three legged platform.. Currently the dish is held to the tripod platform via gravity only. It would be nice to have some robust security device to prevent theft of the antenna on the tripod.

    11. Needs some improvement  star rating

      Posted by on Dec 23rd 2018

      Solidly built, however needs to have some sort of latching system to secure the tailgater to the tripod!

    12. Requested Review Of Tri-Pod  star rating

      Posted by on Oct 29th 2018

      It's okay, certainly no more than would be expected.

    13. Handy  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 25th 2018

      Great tripod. Love the light weight and adjustable leg width.

    14. Great product!  star rating

      Posted by on Sep 17th 2018

      Very stable, yet light weight and comes with a nice carrying bag.

    15. i LIKE IT  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 7th 2018

      i LIKE IT

    16. Stable  star rating

      Posted by on Mar 12th 2018

      As light as the tripod is, with the staking pins it is surprisingly stable.

    17. Not Secure  star rating

      Posted by on Feb 19th 2018

      The tripod is constructed from sturdy material. The wide base keeps it from being over turned. The only problem I had with the tripod is the security of the antenna to the seating platform. The antenna just sits on top with no way of securing it to the tripod. I used nylon string to help keep the lite antenna from getting blown off of the tripod. A type of latching system or some sort of built in securing system would make it awesome.

    18. Nice Tripod  star rating

      Posted by on Aug 9th 2017

      Nice Tripod but it does not hook up to the Antenna. It would be nice if it did this in case someone tripped on the wire or the wind blew hard suddenly. Otherwise solidly built.

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