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KING Falcon Directional Wi-Fi Antenna with WiFiMax Router / Extender - White

SKU: KF1000
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    NEW! Roof-Mounted Stationary Automatic Directional Wi-Fi Antenna with Router/Range Extender.

    Stay connected anywhere you go with this essential package for tech-savvy travelers. Providing a gateway between all your web-enabled devices and the local Wi-Fi source. The KING Falcon, stationary automatic directional Wi-Fi antenna plus the KING WiFiMax Wi-Fi Router/Range Extender delivers a faster, more powerful internet connection wherever you are. No more walking to the coffee shop or visitor center to get Wi-Fi. Now, you can connect right from your vehicle. No monthly service fee and no contract. The Falcon takes advantage of the increased power and performance of a directional Wi-Fi antenna, without the traditional hassle of aiming the antenna. The KING Falcon mounts to your vehicle’s roof, so you can maximize the range and performance of the KING WiFiMax, making this the ideal combination for RVers, truckers, campers, tailgaters, and all mobile adventurers who want to remain connected to the internet.

    Who is it for? What does it do?

    The KING Falcon and KING WiFiMax are for anyone who wants to use the internet while on the go, including RVers, long haul truckers, or anyone with an active mobile lifestyle. The Falcon and the WiFiMax connect users to an existing Wi-Fi source at significantly further distances and at faster speeds than just using a phone or laptop. No more walking over to the coffee shop or visitor center to get Wi-Fi. The KING Falcon and KING WiFiMax can connect you to those networks right from your vehicle.

    The KING Falcon antenna maximizes the range and performance of the KING WiFiMax Wi-Fi Router/Range Extender, making it the ideal bundle for those who need to extend Wi-Fi from farther away, or who want to upgrade their experience with faster speeds. Traditionally, directional antennas gained this performance but had the trade-off of needing to be manually aimed at the desired network. But with the Falcon, it automatically aims itself at your desired network. Using the KING Wi-Fi App on your phone or tablet, you can have your KING Falcon scan for available networks, and then aim itself at your preferred network for the best performance. We also integrated the KING WiFiMax setup into the KING Wi-Fi App for the best user experience.

    How it works:

    The KING Falcon is an outdoor, stationary automatic, directional 2.4GHz Wi-Fi antenna. As a directional antenna, with up to 10x more power than the competition, it picks up Wi-Fi signals from Wi-Fi sources very far away and transmits Wi-Fi data at super-fast speeds. However, as a directional antenna, it needs to be aimed at the desired source to get this performance. Traditionally this had to be done manually, and so there were trade-offs. With the Falcon, there are no trade-offs. Using the KING Wi-Fi App, the KING Falcon automatically rotates and scans 360 degrees and shows you all the available networks. Then, you simply tap the network you want, and the Falcon automatically aims itself to get the best performance from that Wi-Fi source.

    The KING WiFiMax Wi-Fi Router/Range Extender creates your own personal, private, and secure Wi-Fi network, just like you have in your home. When you are in range of an available Wi-Fi source, or a private network you have the password for—such as a visitor center guest network, coffee shop, hotel, or any other available Wi-Fi source—you simply configure your WiFiMax to connect to that network. Then, it extends the internet access from that network to your own private Wi-Fi network, giving you internet just like you’d have at home. You can connect all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, smart TVs and appliances, and more!

    Product Overview

    • 10x more powerful antenna than the competition
    • High-gain, long-range, directional Wi-Fi antenna
    • Fastest speeds for streaming – the KING Falcon extends 2.4GHZ networks, for the best range, while still allowing the KING WiFiMaxto use its 5GHz network
    • Easy to use – automatically scans and aims
    • Only 9” tall
    • Impact resistant
    • No router installation necessary with intuitive, one-minute setup process– simply plug in and setup via a phone, laptop, or any other Wi-Fi-enabled device
    • Single coax connection between the KING Falcon and the KING WiFiMax
    • Free KING® Wi-Fi App
    • Customizable Wi-Fi name and password for a secure connection
    • KING WiFiMax has three antennas with beamforming technologies, the fourth is the KING Falcon
    • Connect all your devices: phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, appliances, Wi-Fi-enabled speakers, and more


    KING Falcon: 10.95 in W x 22.65 in D x 9.18 in H | Footprint: Head swings through a 24” diameter circle
    KING WiFiMax: 11 in W x 7 in D x 8.75 in H

    KING Falcon: 2.7 lbs.
    KING WiFiMax: .75 lbs.

    KING Falcon: Powered by included 12v power supply, requiring 110VAC plug-in
    KING WiFiMax: Powered by included 9v power supply, requiring 110VAC plug-in

    KING Falcon: 2.4GHz 15dBi directional Yagi
    KING WiFiMax: 3x5dBi external omnidirectional antennas

    Wireless Standards:
    KING Falcon: IEEE802.11a/b/g/n
    KING WiFiMax: IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac

    KING WiFiMax: 3xLAN Ports, 1xWAN Port

    Maximum Data Rates:
    2.4GHz: up to 300Mbps
    5GHz: up to 867Mbps
    Combined max data rate: 1167 Mbps

    Supported Frequencies:
    KING Falcon: 2.4GHz
    KING WiFiMax: 2.4GHz and 5GHz (dual-band)


    Setup Requirements:
    Tablet, Smartphone, or similar device with Bluetooth Low Energy
    Capability running Apple iOS or Android

    Included with Purchase:
    • KING Falcon
    • KING WiFiMax
    • 12V Power Supply
    • 9V Power Supply
    • Power Inserter
    • 11’ Coax Cable
    • 2’ Additional Coax Cable
    • (1) Wall Plate – White
    • (1) Wall Plate – Black
    • User’s Manual

    A Wi-Fi source is required for these products; the KING Falcon and the KING WiFiMax cannot be used as a standalone Wi-Fi hotspot.

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