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Technical Support

Experiencing some technical difficulties?

Searching for satellite signal: Make sure that you have a clear view of the sky.  Obstructions such as trees can cause this issue.  If you have a portable antenna, try moving it to different areas to see if you are able to pick up signal.  If you have checked all of your antenna settings and still need help, contact your antenna manufacture:

  • King Controls: 800-982-9920
  • Winegard: 800-788-4417
  • KVH: 401-847-3327
  • MotoSat: 800-247-7486

Error code displayed by the set-top:  Error codes can range from non activated service to invalid set-top information.  If you are receiving an error code via the DISH set-top, please contact 1-800-333-DISH.  You may need to reactivate or have a rehit sent due to inactivity of the DISH Mobile set-top.

Click here to find out if your antenna is compatible with the pay-as-you-go program from DISH.