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Existing Customers


Already have DISH in your home?

No problem!  You have two options for adding DISH to your RV!  First purchase a DISH Mobile ViP 211 series HD Receiver and:

1.  Add your new receiver directly to your existing account.

2.  Create a second account to accommodate distant networks.

If I add my receiver to my existing account, how much will it cost me?  Will I have to purchase another package?

There is no need to pay for another package, just add the receiver to your existing account for a small monthly fee of only $7.00 dollars per month and you will receive the same programming that you receive at home, in your RV.  Call our toll-free number 1-888-854-9535 to be connected to a DISH representative who can assist you.

Can I use one of my existing receivers in my RV?

You can however, keep in mind that the DISH Mobile HD set top box has many benefits that other DISH receivers do not have.

  • Small chassis to fit in those small areas near the TV
  • Shake tested and approved by Winnebago
  • Purchase to own.  No lease and no activation windows
  • 1 year manufacture warranty
  • External Hard Drive capability