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Wherever You Go

Once you travel outside of your 'home market' area, you can still get local programming to your recreational vehicle (RV) or qualifying commercial vehicle. You just have to use an off-air antenna to pick up local stations!

NOTE: Distant Network service is no longer available through All American Direct which ceased operations on February 26th, 2014.

Off-Air Antennas

Local channels are subject to availability based on your geographical location. Whichever addressed is listed as your service area is what will determine the locals you are able to view. If you are traveling outside of that area you can also
view locals in that area by connecting an off-air antenna to your receiver. We have a variety of off-air antenna options to choose from.

Shop Off-Air Antennas Now

Winegard Wingman RV UHF Add-On

$26.99 | RV-WING

Jack® Off-Air Antenna Replacement head

$39.00 | OA 8000

Winegard Sensar IV RVW-395 TV Antenna

$139.99 | RVW-395

Winegard Rayzar Indoor HDTV Antenna

$49.99 | RV-RZ50

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